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Good Vs. Evil: The Great Divide

Back from Boskone -- where I found that wearing Order of the Stick T-shirt was a good way to get people to comment on what you wear -- and ready to discuss panels.

This was about the pure evil and the pure good found in fantasy and sometimes in SF.  Particularly the older works.

Hmm.  I noticed at the time but did not get a chance to say, being the audience, that fantasy started to take over from SF, and that may have been because the readers like that pure good and evil.  The panelists -- all of whom were predominately SF -- were lamenting its purity, though one did argue with another than it only simplifies it, which may or may not be over-simplifying it.  They wanted more moral grays.

Evil as a deliberate choice.  (I put in, later, that willful ignorance can be a factor.)  Much certainty no one ever chose to do evil

Whether this is all Christaintiy -- did the Norse gods,  or Greek gods have anything like this?  I was able to put in two cents there:  depends on when in Greek history.  Sure, in Homeric Greece, all sorts of amoral gods, and Telemachus takes on a shipmate who tells him he's a murderer.  Then, in classical Greece, much more morals; in an actual trial, a man defending himself on charges of murder that he took a sea voyage and arrived safely.  Which is why Plato thought the myths should be censored.
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