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Finish It! Completing Your Work

This panel covered getting yourself writing as the most crucial part of getting it done.

Routines, if you could get them.  Two talked about what havoc children make with routine writing.  One discussed crying when she learned her older son could now climb out of the playpen, and moving to the kitchen to write after the younger son learned how to unlatch the door and was fortunately found  -- while walking alongside the road -- by a trucker who knew where he belonged.  (Though it did have the advantage of knowing you wrote whenever the kids let you.)  One never wrote in a few weeks when college terms started and the students all needed IT support.

You have to handle prioritizing writing or writing doesn't get done.

One showed off her notebooks that she uses to change gears while stuck.  Writing by hand is not typing, so it helps change things.

A question from the audience -- health considerations.  Yes, you have to get up every hour or so.  And you really need destinations that aren't the frig.
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