marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

subtext and your target audience

Whenever I hear of subtext, I think of some articles.  This one, about Star Trek vs. Star Wars.  And this one about Star Trek, and this one about  Star Wars.

Go ahead, go read them.  It contains a Valuable Lesson:  don't take people who talk about subtext too seriously.  0:)

But it also has useful things to contemplate about writing groups and advice.  I've gotten stories where I got crits telling them that one side of the story was well-developed, and the other one a strawman.  The problem was, I got several of these crits.  And they didn't agree about which side got shafted.  After reading and contemplating, I concluded that I had hit a nerve and had to rule these readers out of my target audience for the story.

Tags: lit crit, web articles, writing audience, writing groups

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