marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

half a clever plan

My heroine has a clever plan.  Sorta.

She is a superheroine and knows that a supervillainess with the same powers as her will attack her.  Much thinking, trying to do it quickly to avoid the other woman's having a chance to attack or build strength -- and I had her think she had to divert it rather than weary herself fighting.

Well, that's useful.  You have to have a way to diver it.

And then I thought, she could ask for help.  Big reason heroes can defeat villains is that heroes are Good, villains are Evil, and loyalty and mutual aid are Good.  (Things get fun when you mix it up, but that's not for this story.)  Which supports themes in the story.

And since it's early in the story, the fight doesn't need to be too complex and dramatic -- it's not the climax.

But then, of course, I have to figure out the best superpower to endow the helper with.  Can't be too easy or obvious. . . .

And my muse is already pondering how the supervillainess could turn out to be more powerful than my somewhat lazy superheroine, and taunt her, which will lead to plot consequences, but doesn't want to go back to the question of the helper.

Tags: character arc, characterization, conflict, grumbles, heroes and villains, plot twist

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