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Romulus Buckle & the Engines of War

Romulus Buckle & the Engines of War by Richard Ellis Preston Jr

Action!  Adventure!  Discoveries and alliance before the outbreak of war!  In a post-apocalyptic steampunk California!!

While I think the story stands on its own, it does have a lot of plot spoilers for The City of the Founders.

For instance, the opening sequence is Romulus going up into the mountains to investigate a shipwreck, because he had been told something in the last book and could verify it there.  A venture enlivened by weather and sabretooths, by Max's coming to his aid against his orders, by the strange location where he finds refuge for them.  (There are a few more hints of what the apocalypse was in this book, but not much.)

And then he returns for a council of war, as they group against the Founders, who have manifested such hostility and marshaled such forces that they have no hope except in a grand alliance.  A late arrival to the discussion observes that by coming, they have cast their lots:  Founders' spies will have reported them by now.

The story goes on, covering a ball, nightmares, a heroic effort to deliver a message, a battle, the need to stop the lynching of a spy, insoluble equations that would make immortal the one that solved them, and much more.
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