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Noah's Boy

Noah's Boy by Sarah A. Hoyt

The third Shifter novel.  Spoilers ahead for the first two.

It opens with a young woman arriving in Goldport and being given her orders at a Chinese fast-food place by the Great Sky Dragon.  She's to seduce Tom away from Kyrie and have his children.  She objects to this notion.  She's only there because his forces are harassing her father.

Meanwhile, a guy working maintenance -- Jason -- finds a dead body and is attacked by a creature.  When he is talking with the police, Rafiel deduces that he's a shifter himself and fought off another with his bare claws.  Which is the point at which Jason explains to him that the other shifter appears to be feral.

The Great Sky Dragon is not going to let a petty thing like her objections interfere, not when a crisis is coming.  So he has a plot involving killing her -- temporarily -- and a fire.

The novel delves much farther into questions about why there is a Great Sky Dragon, or for that matter, shifters at all, where they came from and when.  It also touches on the heritability of shifting powers, exactly how old Old Joe is, enemies they didn't know they have, and much more.
Tags: fiction reviews: contemporary fantasy

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