marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

ah, nerves

You know when I finished the outline on my superhero story, I thought it was light on action and heavy on talk and philosophy, all things consider.  Ah, well, it was based on a philosophical notion. . .

Plunge into the writing and shortly the story announces -- there's a fight scene here.  It's action and adventure!  It makes crucial character revelations, it sets up plot twists, it establishes basic themes.

And the fun part is that even though I know everything that will happen in this sequence, down to how I will segue back into the outlined story (so I don't need to pry open the tightly linked sequence of events to find room for the new stuff), it's still give me nerves, writing it.


No way out except through.  Spending too long bracing yourself and nothing ever gets done. . . .
Tags: characters, outlining, plot twist, story structure, superpowers, unity of theme, writing flow

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