marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

a dilemma with ducks

So I'm pondering what my fairy tale princess will find next. . . it's not like she's even hunting for the golden bird or her lost husband, she just want to find her fortune. . . .

And I brainstorm, and ducks come up.  A mother duck with a vast flotilla of ducklings, perhaps. . . all of them gold. . . which is intriguing

Whereupon the muse says merrily that of course she would have to do some service for the duck and then two other animals. . . and then merrily points out that I've already given the princess a magical helper, though she won't realize it for some while.  would be kinda redundant.

unless this turns out to be a novel, in which more characters are needed than in the original.  But still, they have to fit the fairy tale logic so they will fit together properly. . . .

Tags: fairy tale tropes, grumbles, quest

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