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more Zita the Spacegirl

Legends of Zita the Spacegirl and The Return of Zita the Spacegirl by Ben Hatke

More light-heated action and adventure in children's graphic novels.

Volume 2 and volume 3 are more connected to each other than the first one to them.  Though volume 2 does round off its story before we learn how things will continue.  Spoilers ahead, to be sure, for volume 1.

Legends starts with a deactivated robot coming to life, discovering that all Zita's fans are coming to see her at an event, needless to say, organized by Piper.  Her effort to explain that it was really Robot Randy are treated as humor.  When the robot imitates her, Zita asks it to take her place and runs off with Mouse, who gets her a cloak to hide in, and they get given two tickets to the circus.  Meanwhile, someone appeals to the robot Zita to save their planet from star hearts.  The robot agrees.

Mouse insists on leaving the circus, because it's launch time.  And when they get there, barely in time, the robot pushes her out and shuts the door.  So Zita steals a spaceship and they charge after.

The rest of the story includes a crash landing, a bounty on "Zita the Crime Girl"'s head, temporary engines, a dream she's back home only aliens appear to plead for her help, Zita's crewmates noticing the robot doesn't eat but reads a lot, the attack of the Star Hearts, getting into an enormous robot, and much more.

Return takes up from the cliff-hanger ending of Legends.  At first with a mysterious masked figure darting about a mystery structure.  All becomes clear, however, as he watches Zita's trial.  Not only for stealing a spaceship, but for associating with known criminals.  The figure tries to rescue her, but fails, and they strip her off all she owns and drop her in a cell.  One of them tears up her star -- which proceeds to float out the vent -- and into space.

It involves more rescues, mining, a captive leviathan, discussion of becoming a slave and learning how to fix robots, friends getting message, Zita declaring she can rescue whomever she wants, and much more.
Tags: children's books, fiction reviews: sf, graphic novel/manga

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