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Three little classics, all by H. Beam Piper.

Little Fuzzy.  Life on the planet Zarathustra -- except that a chapter in, Jack Halloway, prospector, discovers an alien intelligence sitting in his shower.  Little, golden, fuzzy, quick to learn from human skills. . .

Also, invalidating the colonial charter that the planet is running under.  Which makes life interesting for them.  Until an ugly crime forces it all into the court room.

Fuzzy Sapiens Life after the consequences of the crime.  Discovering what it is that makes certain human foods attractive to Fuzzies, and discovering why there are so few children among them, and what is needed to keep the race alive.  With some fun philosophical observations about dependence.

Fuzzies and Other People.  the posthumous published one.  questions about the legal status of arrangements made to protect the Fuzzies, whether they are legal minors, and whether they can testify.  A sequence of Fuzzies still living in the wild.  A question of fire.

Fun tales.
Tags: fiction reviews: sf
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