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Norwegian Folktales

Norwegian Folktales by Peter Christen Asbjørnsen and Jørgen Engebretsen Moe

This is from the Pantheon Fairy Tale and Folklore Library series. I mention this because this is in fact a selected group of their fairy tales, from differing sources -- the table of contents carefully notes who collected what -- and another collection might have another selection.  They are, after all, to Norwegian tales what the Grimms were to German.

It does not contain their one you've probably heard of, "Three Billy Goats Gruff", but it has a whole assembly of others. Including animal tales, and tales of fools and clever folk, and fairy tales.  One's a variant of "Puss In Boots".  A fair number, like "White Bear King Valemon", "The Twelve Wild Ducks", "The Golden Bird," and "Soria Moria Castle", will be variants on tales familiar to anyone who's read a lot of fairy tales -- but not the general public.  There's one where there's a challenge to get the princess to laugh, but another where it's to get in the last word, and another where it's to make her say that something's a lie.

Interesting collection.
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