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Petrosinella: A Neopolitan Rapunzel by Giambattista Basile, illustrated by Diane Stanley

A take on an old fairy tale.

It's also adapted from Basile, since Basile's high-faluting language has been cut down.  (How high-faluating?  Well, what this book called a forest so dark and frightening few ventured there, a more literal translation said, "a wood which the horses of the Sun never entered, not having paid the toll to the pastures of those Shades."

And it's not quite fair to call this a Neopolitan Rapunzel. Much reasonable to call Rapunzel a German Petrosinella, since Rapunzel came later.  Still showing the signs that the Maiden in the Tower sprung off from The Girl Helps the Hero Flee in tale types.  Indeed, one of the adaptions is to explain why they don't run off together at once.

Pictures are pleasant if not stunning.
Tags: fairy tale reviews

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