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fairy tale game of names

Names are a problem when you are turning fairy tales in  novels.  Or even short stories.

Sure there are names.  Even dismissing such titles as Bearskin, Little Red Riding Hood, Catskin, All Kinds of Fur, Don't Know, you have Giovanni, Jack, John, Ivan, Jean, Hans. . . or Olga, Marya, Eulalie, Kate, Caterina, and many more.

If only you cull enough fairy tales.  A lot have none.  Many more have only one.  And what's worse, they have a disproportionate tendency to be the hero's.

Which is why it is a trifle annoying in my copy of Italian Folktales that the translator translated the names.

Not all of them.  Sandrino or Maria, Petrillo or Stellina.  There is even a story with Giovanni -- as opposed to the ones with John and Jack, Andrew, William, Carol, and more. . . sometimes you can find the original if it's in the title because it lists all the titles in the original Italian, but other than that, there's just trying to transfer to Italian.  And you don't know the right dialect.  grumble
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