marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

time and the child

Hello there, babykins.  Do you know what a nuisance you've been?

I managed to miss it in the outline.  I didn't even note down in it -- though I knew -- that it began in the spring, with trees shedding their blossoms and petals scattering like snow -- to remind her of something three years earlier.  I did note down you were born in midwinter, during flurries.

But now I sit down to write, and it leaps out at me:  baby gets born in midwinter, even in fairy tales that takes nine months, and how long does this tale take?  I don't know if the hero and heroine can get together fast enough. . . but I do know while I think it's more time that would allow a pregnancy to fit in, I know that it's not really that much more.  As in, won't take all year.

What a nuisance.

goo goo gah gah

Which I think means, "Aren't I just the cutest little baby?" since, being a character, he has no qualms about leaving me high and dry.

ah well, we shall just let them get anxious about things and wondering whether she should go bathe in a forest pool and see if a frog will talk to her before they realize they won't need to.  Especially if they would be just as glad if the fairy tale skipped their kids.

Tags: fairy tales (retelling), story time

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