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Lost Lake

Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen

This opens with a prologue and a young couple on their honeymoon in Paris -- their greatly prolonged honeymoon, as they ignore all the urgent requests from her family, who want to cash in on her marrying money.  A young woman jumps off the Bridge of the Untrue before them. . ..

In the present day, Kate wakes up, a year after her husband died, in the middle of her mother-in-law's arrangements for her and her daughter Devin to move in.  Packing turns up a postcard mailed to her years earlier, after she and her mother had visited her great-aunt Eby -- the bride on her honeymoon -- at her camp at Lost Lake.  It invited her to come back.  Kate, on an impulse, does so.

Meanwhile, at Lost Lake, Eby has just agreed to sell.  She needs to fix too much and has too few customers.  She calls the three with reservations to alert them, and they all show up.  As do Kate and Devin, after an alligator appeared in the road while they drove.

The story weaves on involving a boy Kate remembers from when they visited, a cook who can't speak, an uncle who didn't take in his orphaned nephew, a charm bracelet that lets a woman steal any husband who's not in love with his wife, an English professor who's read every book there, a box owned by a boy fascinated by alligators, a farewell party, a burned-out cabin, and much more.
Tags: fiction reviews: contemporary fantasy, genre: magic realism

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