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Of Sorcery and Snow

Of Sorcery and Snow by Shelby Bach

The return of Rory, in the third book of the Ever After series.  Spoilers ahead for the earlier ones

Keeping secrets from her parents has led to some serious conflicts.  And the analogy between her and the Snow Queen gets positively painful when she discovers she's about to acquire a little half-sister just at the age that the Snow Queen did -- and much as she loves Rapunzel, Rory has to admit that she's pretty screwed up because the Snow Queen.

The wolves attacking complicated life, especially because they are new, showing that the Snow Queen has the power to transform people into wolves again.   First, some make her nearly late for the tournament, in which her dream of defeating Hansel is dashed, and then one attacks her before her mother.

Meanwhile, at EAS, there's a report of a Pied Piper tale.  Remember how that ends?  yeah, they don't like it either.  Fortunately, the sister of one of the thousand and one kids also starts a Tale, which will let her try to rescue her brother.  Except that the Director goes and cancels it.

The rest of the tale involves flowers, fox cubs, wishes, Chase's secret, how Chase's brother dies, a tournament among the dwarves, Rory's scrupulously asking about rules, books of matches, a table with food that's drugged, and much more.
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