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Remarkable by Lizzie K. Foley

This is a tale about a quirky town.  Full of whimsical humor -- I don't think I'd like it in every mood.  Fortunately for it, I picked it up while in the mood.

The town of Remarkable is indeed remarkable.  Full of remarkable people, who create the finest jam, run the finest pizza place (whose proprietor is psychic and often sends the pizza before you know it's wanted), write novels, do photorealistic paintings, and much more.

Except Jane.  Her parents even gave up their planned name and called her Jane instead because it was obvious that she was going to be unremarkable.  (And not even as unremarkable as her grandfather).  They don't bother to send her to the School for Remarkable Children, either, which means she is the only child at the public school.

The tale involves Lucky, the serprent who lives in the lake, the pirate captain Rojo Herring and a still more formidible captain, and three pirates searching for a captain, a vanished composer, the Generic Jelly made in Munch that the people of Remarkable do not like as a point of civic pride, even though they eat gallons, two dentists, one who collects butterflies for a sanctuary and one who feels useless, a bell tower, and much more.
Tags: fiction reviews: children's fantasy, fiction reviews: contemporary fantasy

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