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I was reading one of Limyaael's Rants, and alas, ran across the assertion:

I’ve read a few amateur fantasies where dragons lived in houses, had their own form of clothing, and used chairs. Why, though? As mentioned above, dragons aren’t the same shapes as humans, and couldn’t comfortably fit in most human houses or furniture.

Dragons have a bit more variability than that.

In "How the Dragon Was Tricked", the dragon is tricked into a coffin to test that it's large enough for the hero.  At that, this one says,

'Well, the rogue is nearly as tall as you,' replied the beggar, 'and, of course, if you can get in, he can. But I am sure you would find it a tight fit.'

and there are others, though I can't lay a hand on one at the moment, where the disguised hero makes the coffin, claiming it's for himself, and asks the dragon to test it because they are of a size.

Not unnaturally, this leads to other consequences, as in The Golden Apples and the Nine Peahens, where the dragon rides a horse:

'Now what shall we do?' said the dragon to his horse. 'Shall we eat and drink, or pursue them?' The horse replied to him: 'Don't trouble yourself; eat and drink.' When he had dined, the dragon mounted his horse and galloped after them

And in The Flower Queen's Daughter, the prince looks after the dragon's mare, and he and the princess he wants to rescue both attend the ball where the dragons dance:

In the final extreme, in the tale "Nikita the Tanner", the dragon actually, instead of eating the princess, marries her because she's a real beauty.

Now, mind you, there's the little trick of convincing readers that this is so. . . .
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