marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

the game of names and tales

How far back do I want to work the hero and heroine's family trees in advance?  And how can I name them all?

Given that it's a fairy tale world, but their parents only featured as the children born at the end, or even after, their parents' tales, I suppose it's not surprising that I found it easier to name the grandparents than the parents.

But there are ancestors farther back.  The hero is descended from Vasilisa the Wise, who came to be queen there from past the thrice-nine kingdoms, in the thrice-ten realms, which is how his grandfather came to be named Basil.  There will be a comment at some point about how royal names tend to float about the realms -- and rise up with merchant's daughters and peasant's sons.

And knowing what they know -- neither one having ignored history classes -- I will know what to throw in because they see a connection to a past tale.

Already had the heroine being snarky about what she could find if she ran away to seek her fortune, and a maid dryly pointing out that she might be hired to watch over a dead man.  (She hopes not.  That brave she isn't, because in that tale, the dead man gets up.)
Tags: families: parent/child, names

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