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The Magic Orange Tree

The Magic Orange Tree, and Other Haitian Folktales by Diane Wolkstein,

Folktales collected in the field.  She introduces each one with notes about collecting it, but they are not simply recorded.  Indeed, one, she knew she wanted it, but she had to listen to a dozen version before she could tell it as a tale, pulling them all together.

The title "Magic Orange Tree" helps the stepdaughter-- and is less pleasant to the stepmother.  "The Singing Bone" is, in fact, a tale of the type of "The Juniper Tree".  "The Mother of Waters" has a new variant on the kind and unkinds girls.    We have "The Four Hairs from the Beard of the Devil" instead of the three, and "One My Darling, Come to Mama", where we have a beast tale in Grimm turned into a fairy tale.  And many more.

Includes notes about tale telling in Haiti and the songs that are sung with them.
Tags: fairy tale reviews

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