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A Fighting Man of Mars

A Fighting Man of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs

For something new and different, this time he recounts the adventures of a native born Martian.  Tan Hadron has no more connection to John Carter than being a cousin of his son-in-law -- and being in his service in Helium.

And he's in love with a rich and haughty woman, Sanoma Tora, in Helium, but his connection means she has entre to the royal palaces there in his company, and she graciously consented to let him escort her.

Then she's wooed by the agents of a Jeddak, and she will take him as long as he makes her a Jeddara.  Except that then she is kidnapped, and he deduces that Jeddak had had her abducted.   Setting out in pursuit, he rashly flies over an abandoned city and becomes lost in thoughts of its old inhabitants.  Which lets some green Martians open fire on his flyer and do enough damage to force him to land.  After some escapes -- there are white apes about -- he sees the green men with a red woman prisoner, and goes to rescue her.  She is Tuvia, a run-away slave, who can fortunately tell him about the city he seeks.

The rest of the tale involves spiders, loyalty, an invisibility cloak, a fearsome weapon that can destroy air ships in flight, the Death, where you are throwing into a cave from which shrieks and moans are always rising, cannibals, treachery, and much more.
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