marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

what it's got in its nassty little pocketses?

So off goes our heroine.  Into The Woods.

So the first time she sees a marvelous bird menaced, she throws a rock at the menace.  The second time, I think of what would be around, and decide that a branch would work better.

Forgetting that just as she's bound to find marvels in the woods, she's also bound to find three of them (once she's hit two).  And having started to vary them, there's no easy way to go back.

Especially since as soon as I envisioned the third bird, I knew there were neither rocks nor branches loose where she might grab one.

Well, she had her pockets or her pack or whatever. . . so what suitable projectile might she have?

Stymie. I was even pondering that their food, at that point, would not be dried and hard.

And then today I was working on something else and thinking how stymied I was, and then that she was of course not carrying the three marvelous dresses. . . .


She threw some jewelry at it. Small, compact, and she was, after all, desperate for something of value that she might need. Rings are too small, bracelets awkward, necklaces too sloppy -- I was going to go by bracelet until I realized: brooch. Heavy brooch, of course.
Tags: idea embellishment

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