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games of meaningful names

Ah, a name with a meaning.  Rose.  Honor.  Mort.  Drake.

Last names can be even more flexible nowadays and equivalent cultures.  Candle.  Green.  Fairlawn.  Etc.

In The High House and The False House, they are used artfully.  When you have a theme, the names are a bit heavy handed.  A Mr. White, Mr. Green, Mr. Black, etc. or for that matter, a Daisy, Rose, Lily, Iris, etc. make the theme elements rather heavy handed, if not actually comic.  It's when you do not have a pattern -- Brittle, Hope, Chant, Murmur -- that they help suggest a deeper significance without so heavy a hand.

Of course, there's always the danger of being so portentous that the readers are frustrated when nothing moves from portending to the center stage.  Names, like everything else, bring promises with them.
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