marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

farmhouses and/or villagers

So our heroine (and friend) come walking out the woods, through the pasture on the other side, but unsurprisingly, there is an inn soon, with a bit of a village about it. . . .

And first thing I think is that the scene, however brief, should have some people as well as some buildings before they reach the inn -- doubly since the place is going to be significant setting -- and as I was musing about villages, I wondered -- farming village?  Really?  Perhaps they should all be in farmhouses. . . .

Not so much in the medieval Europe, but hey, this is fairy tale land.  They have pumpkins.  Also turkeys.  The anachronism stew needs careful stirring. . . .

There are certainly farmhouses in fairy tales.  Particularly Norse and British ones, in my experience (and memory), but it would certainly fit.  And I could still fit a village or town about the inn.

Tags: local color, world-building: buildings

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