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Quest by Aaron Becker

This is a sequel.  This may seem odd in a children's picture book, one even without words, but yet you do want to read Journey first.

For one thing, then you will know why on the title page there are a boy with a purple crayon or chalk or something, and a girl with a red one, on a two-person bicycle, with a purple bird flying along through a drab cityscape -- where it's starting to rain.  They go under a bridge, where there's a door.

A king burst out of it.  He has a yellow one, and a map, which he barely manages to give them before soldiers haul him off.  And shut the door.

But our children quickly draw a red and a purple key, since it has two locks, and set forth. . .

Amazing what can be done without words.
Tags: fiction reviews: children's fantasy

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