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shedding inspiration

Remember when Goodreads' April Fool was to claim a new Jane Austen had been found, Mirth and Mischief?

Well, my muse found it funny enough to look at.

The one thing I'm fairly certain of is that the title's probably not going to be suitable at the end.  (Ah, the fate of inspiring titles.)  No, I'm also fairly certain that Austen would never have written a Mirth and Mischief because "mischief" had a much harder edge to it in her time.  And she certainly wouldn't write what I'm writing --mostly notably, because it's the lives of the, ehem, Good Folk in an era of change.  Such as obtaining porcelain from China via human means. . . .

But I was playing about with stealing a notion from Persuasion about the heroine's lost love.  Then, I also had three daughters who can't inherit, but this being the, ehem, Good Folk, the reasons are slightly more enchanted and convoluted.  So I was playing with the notion of other means of loved and lost. . . .

Hey, there's no need for them to have loved and lost, perhaps.  There are other reasons, perhaps for bad blood to enliven their lives.

The inspiration may not even be recognizable when I'm done
Tags: idea development

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