marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

the game of villain names

I find naming villains harder than naming heroes.

Possibly because I remember names that I like better than those that I don't.  But I still want a name that suggests the character, which for the villain particularly means his consuming fault.  (Without, of course, being so ham-handed as to give the game away.)

But when playing with a notion that calls for a werewolf tribe liking to give all its daughters harsh angular names that speak of the violence of their nature -- as they do to their sons -- I sit, stymied.  What would the girls be named?  Heavy with the harsher constants like K, and hard G -- but I'm going to have to resort to the baby name books to make them.

And the main character doesn't even get one.  The first thought was of their consternation that a girl got, by their magical name choosing technique, a name they thought too effeminate for their girl.  Stymied by names they would compare them to.  (And minor characters, to be sure.)

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