marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

the tales of the inn and the mill

There are a few tales about the inn.

Starting with how it was founded, and why it's called the Princess's Rest -- because she owned it, not because she rested there.  then the one where they explain why they own an ogre's feather.  And while she is staying there, she happens to realize it's where an event happened in a tale she knows, and they don't.

And there's a story about the mill, too.  Happens in fairy-tale land.

Meanwhile, there's the little question about her story.  Thus far, no one in these tales will even appear in hers.   So there's weaving it in, to her winning her position, and a wedding that will elevate her to head baker at the inn.  And pondering exactly when to introduce the hero of the story, to interrupt all these tales of old.

Mind you, he's going to need some backfill on his story, because he's king.  And he was the middle son.
Tags: fairy tales in stories, story structure

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