marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

ah weather

I think it's going to rain the day after the wedding. Since I have forgone any other weather except bright and sunny. . . .

The problem with weather is that it can easily interfere with the plot, and it looks like a deus ex machina.  Like the complaints about why horses never go lame in fantasy -- well, because if your horse goes lame during the chase, it's obviously an authorial hand shoving things about, and if it's not during the chase, what's the point?  Except to delay getting to the action.  If it's crucial to the action, it's very hard again to make it seem natural and not the hand of the author insisting that the hero stick around the village until the ogres attack.

The fun part is that you can omit horses but you can't really omit weather without sticking them in an vessel in outer space or a dome, and when have you heard of a fairy tale set in either?  (Even the original fairy tales sometimes had weather.  "Brother and Sister" set out into the woods, and it started to rain.

So I think it shall drum rain on the roof when the heroine is safely ensconced inside, just to add some local color.
Tags: local color, world-building: weather

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