marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

fit for a king

So the king's going hunting, in a kingdom where they pride themselves on their old-fashioning hunting technique. . . but the vital thing is that he's prone to stop at an inn for refreshment.

More hearty old-fashioned virtue and so fare, I think.  Not being too fancy about what food he eats on the road.

Not that that means our heroine and baker will be able just to continue baking the hard, durable bread that the travelers haul on the way and expect to last three or four days and be, well, edible at the end, even if it needs some watery assistance to be actually eaten.  Warning arrives ahead of time, and they can manage a few fancy things.

Doesn't endear itself to the heroine, who's taken over the bakery only a few days ago, and never had to bake for him before the day.  And she's right in that it's going to have to be fine white bread, even if she just makes it in loafs and nothing fancy, to be eat with butter and honey.
Tags: ethos, world-building: food, world-building: royalty

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