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Hounds and Hunting in Ancient Greece

Hounds and Hunting in Ancient Greece by Denison Bingham Hull

This is an interesting little work, written by a man conversant with both ancient Greek and hunting, to bring the knowledge together.

Things like breeding hounds -- explanations that the hounds of ancient Greece were not like modern hounds, but the term for a dog that hunts by scent is "hound" -- and how to go about it and the necessity for breeding your own as good hunting hounds are kept by their owners and not sold. Diseases -- the Greeks singled out three, one of which is rabies, one of which is identified by the author as distemper, and the third even he's not sure. Their diet heavy on grain and how that used to be most of dogs ate. Their prey. Hares were important, and heavily hunted (with an explanation of how rabbits and hares differ). On the other hand, too many references to lions to suppose they were not wild in Greece, although we've found no bones.

Goes down to explaining how they would dress for the hunt. And various (small) places where you could not hunt. Delos, for instance, being sacred to Apollo. One started one's hunt by pledging some to Artemis and Apollo. And one prayed to Artemis for the successful whelping -- apparently she really handed childbirth.

Lots of details. Also long appendices of his translation from Greek of various important texts on hunting.
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