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Magic by G. K. Chesterton

A play -- unusually for him, especially since it's not just a play format, but to be acted.

It's at the home of this marvelous Duke.  A doctor came to consult, and to ask the Duke to subscribe to his campaign against the proposed model public house.  A clergyman, new to town, came to asked him to subscribe to his campaign for it.  Result?

Smith. [Turning eagerly to the Doctor.] But this is rather splendid. The Duke's given £50 to the new public-house.

Hastings. The Duke is very liberal.

[Collects papers.

Doctor. [Examining his cheque.] Very. But this is rather curious. He has also given £50 to the league for opposing the new public-house.

Hastings. The Duke is very liberal-minded.

And he has a niece who sees fairies, hwoever much the doctor objects to her doing it in England instead of her native Ireland, and a nephew, her brother, who just returned from America.  The Duke decides to bring in a conjuror to entertain them.  And from that, the action of the play springs, turning on a mistaken identity, the nephew's certainty that he knows all the tricks, something the conjuror was messed up with in the past, a problem in the family, and much more.

A number of startling revelations.
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