marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

stones and sorcery

The Muse has been considering Stuff.  Using stuff to do your sorcery has a lot of options.

Some things are guaranteed.  Like, you have to consider bulk and weight if the sorcerer goes anywhere.

Currently, she's considering stones.  Indeed, two different worlds turning on the occult virtues of stones.  No need to worry about trafficking with malignant beings more craft than you -- they're rocks, after all -- easily modulated in powers from a river stone with odd marks to a flawless ruby -- easily carried in small quantities but limited for large numbers.

Quite useful in some respects.

The art, however, lies in the metaphorical significance of stones.  It's easy to have a rock make thing stable and long-lasting, and other lithic qualities.  The fun is when you want them to do less petrific things.  LIke find, or make, water.  Or cure wounds. . . .
Tags: world-building: magic (technique)

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