marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

Julia's House for Lost Creatures

Julia's House for Lost Creatures by Ben Hatke

A light-hearted picture book with charming art.  Revolving about Julia, whose house (on a turtle's back) just settled by a seashore.  In retrospect, I don't think her age is quite determined in the book. . . .

Anyway, alone by the sea, she finds it too quiet.  So she hangs out a sign from her workshop -- the book's title.  And the lost creatures start to arrive.  (I'm half-convinced that she has magical powers when she paints signs.)  First a patchwork cat, then a troll, then more and more. . . and things are no longer quiet, at all.  Straightening out complications takes quite a bit.

It was filed with the books for Halloween at the bookstore.  Certainly it has monsters enough for children who don't want it too creepy.  (Though I personally would recommend The Monster's Monster for those looking for a not too creepy Halloween book.)
Tags: fiction reviews: children's fantasy

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