marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

The Man In the Moon

Most high and happy princess, we must tell you a tale of the Man in the Moon, which if it seem ridiculous for the method, or superfluous for the matter, or for the means incredible, for three faults we can make but one excuse:  it is a tale of the Man in the Moon.

It was forbidden in old time to dispute of chimaera, because it was a fiction. We hope in our times none will apply pastimes, because they are fancies; for there liveth none under the sun that knows what to make of the Man in the Moon.  We present neither comedy, nor tragedy, nor story, nor anything, but . . . that whosoever heareth may say this:
'Why, here is a tale of the Man in the Moon'.

John Lyly, from Endimion - The Man in the Moone

Tags: genre, snippets, whimsy

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