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The prince arrives at the inn with his bride. . .

It's exactly the part of the fairy tale that never makes it into the tale, since nothing significant occurs.  Well, there's a magical tree that appears in the courtyard, but it's just chasing after them -- they knew it before.

So what puts it in the story was tying off an earlier portion of the tale -- the prince was one of her older sister's wooers -- and as they are arriving, I looked back at the tale and noticed that the heroine would notice that Two-Eyes (yes, that's really her name) had not been a princess before -- or even a lady -- unless she had run away and taken an even worse job than Alissandra had, as scullery maid rather than a baker.  (It's a large inn; there's work enough for a dedicated baker.)

Which tells you something of the tech level.  Not much.  Dishwashing liquids were firmly into the 20th century, and before then, if you did the dishes, it was very hard on the hands.

Fortunately, I don't have to go into detail on what sort of treatment she might try to look less scullery maid like.
Tags: fairy tale tropes, world-building: technology

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