marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

juggling plot threads

There's one disadvantage to an organic outline writing technique.  It's that you can get to following some character so intently that you forget to come up for oxygen and thinking -- hey what about the other POV characters?

I'm working on an outline now where the story is rife with dramatic irony.  Usually, when I come for oxygen I can think of a way where another POV character is misinterpreting what goes on, or a scene where I can show that this one misinterpreted something.  But I can also think of a couple of scenes that would logically have occurred earlier, since I'm writing this story in chronological order.  (Thus far.)  Which is not helped by the fact that I write in longhand.  (With gel pens in pretty colors.  My muse finds them an inspiration.)

But it can still be interesting in the manuscript, when I realize that I have to add another POV thread.  Scuttling back and forth in the manuscript to ensure that the scenes get slotted in suitable locations. . . .

Tags: middles, point of view, transition

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