marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

early order

Juggle, juggle, juggle. . .

Early in the tale, it can be hard to see what order events should go in.

Particularly, of course, if there's a multi-POV thing gonig.  The threads must get woven together in the end, but they tend to be looser in the beginning.  If only to allow the story room to pick up steam.

But even in a single POV, there has to be room to pick up steam. And things get set up and only come together with a bang later.  And even some things get slithered in to establish the setting or character.

Which means that there can be a lot of looseness in how events get put in order.  Juggle, juggle, juggle. . . .

Putting them down in the manuscript tends to fix them, because then they start sprouting connections to things before and after.  Until they can be no other place without heavy rework.  Which makes the prelimary consideration crucial. . . .
Tags: beginnings, point of view, story structure

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