marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

growing up

One heroine of mine starts out on her story -- not actually the day of her birth, but close, very close, the feast at which she acquires her name.

She has no say in the matter, but still their reaction is what sort of name is that?  -- and unsaid, why is that name suitable for her?

Leading to an unhappy childhood in a family that doesn't get her - and doesn't even try to.  Only in adolscence does she escape.

So how much of the childhood gets omitted?  How much shoved into summary, with all its problems?  (It can work.  Robin McKinley started Beauty with Beauty only a little older, and Beauty then summarized the significant events of her childhood.)  How much gets its own little scenes?

sigh The life of an author.
Tags: exposition, names, orchestrating characters, story structure

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