marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

technology and knowledge

One thing that is important in the Masquerade is how high the tech level is.

My heroine's family, or rather clan, keep their werewolfery secret (for reasons she learns later), but she interacts with the rest of the world.  As they do -- stupid and malicious pranks and drunk driving, mostly.  How much are they integrated into the world?  School records?  Census records?

Putting the heroine in a dame school would indicate an earlier era, when it was much easier to slip between the cracks. Especially since all the school records were done in hand, and kept where they could not be easily consulted from a hundred miles away. Though I'm quite certain that it's after the telegraph, the railroad, and even the telephone and car, which start to draw the net in.
Tags: genre, genre: historical fiction, genre: steampunk, genre: urban fantasy, masquerade, world-building: schools, world-building: technology

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