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Discworld books

Two by Terry Pratchett. Spoilers for the first three Rincewind and the first Death books ahead.

Faust Eric

This was the first Rincewind book that I really enjoyed.  On the other hand, some stuff might be rather odd without the first ones -- like the significance of the Luggage.  But, at any rate, Rincewind escapes Hell through a demonologist-opened portal.  The title Eric, he's in his teens, and wants Rincewind to grant his wishes.  Inexplicably, he seems able to.  Meanwhile, in Hell, the new King is making life misery for everyone by his new bureaucratic procedures.  The two aspects of which collide in a plot involving a search for the Fountain of Youth, the Discworld equivalent of the Trojan War, a sandwich, and much more.

Reaper Man

The second Death book.  Some shadowy figures disapprove of how Death's been handling things.  So they give an hourglass, like everyone, counting out the time he has left.  He decides to live in it.  Meanwhile, since he's off the job, life starts floating about.  The wizard Windle Poons has a Going-Away Party because one advantage of being a wizard is that you know when you will die; they are kind of unnerved when Death doesn't show up to collect him, and more so when he starts walking about again.  A tale that involves snowglobes, a woman whose fiance was lost in the mountains, a very sharp scythe, a friendly diamond, compost heaps, and much more.
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