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Coloured Fairy Books

Another installment.

The Green Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

This one was front-loaded with a few literary ones I didn't much like.  But it has a number I quite like, including some I had forgotten about.  The Golden Blackbird I remembered but not The Little Soldier -- which combines plotlines I've seen from other tales, with a bit more sense than I've sometimes seen them -- with a twist I've seen elsewhere and forgot I saw here.    We have a whole bunch of less usual Grimms, such as the White Snake and Spindle, Shuttle, and Needle.  Seemed to me to be spread out in location a bit, with tales like Russian King Kojata, but I'm not sure, since there were a few far-fetched ones in the earlier versions.

The Yellow Fairy Book by Andrew Lang

This is the one in which the tales really start to branch out.  There are a couple of literary tales that I didn't much like, but a lot more places.  Greek.  Polish.  Bukowinaer.  Iclelandic.  A few from North America.  I particularly liked The Golden Crab, The Flower-Queen's Daughter (in which dragons ride horses and go to dances where humans can dance, too), The Grateful Beasts, The Witch in the Stone Boat, and The Blue Mountains.
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