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So I have the prince, and he's going to disobey his father's commands about marriage.  After four years, to be sure.  And not without help.

It's the question of how formal the help is.

In The King of Elflands's Daughter, of course, the commoners come to the lord to demand that his son take a magical bride, so they will be ruled by a magical lrod, and the the lord tells his son that stupid though that is, the lord must do what they ask.

A parliment of some kind could get very persuasive faced with a king with only one son and the son's marriage in limbo, and how much legal coercion they could apply could vary widley.  Or some councilors.  Hmmmm, the king may also have told him to heed the councilors, which sets up a conflict.

Or it could just be subjects giving sublte or unsublte hints that they want to see him married.

Hmm -- at least some have to be courtiers or servants, so they can drop him like a hot potato when the king shows up again.
Tags: families: matrimony, motive (source), world-building: government, world-building: law, world-building: royalty, world-building: servants

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