marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

a sorcerer king

The king's a sorcerer.

Himself.  No other way he could do the things he does, there being too many of them and too varied.

Poked for a minute about my memory of fairy tales with sorcerer kings.   There's the one in "Penta of the Chopped-off Hands," for instance.

Whereupon I remember all the shape-shifting wizard's apprentices who married a princess after outwitting their masters.  That would be a sorcerer king. . . except the king's particular brand of conceit would not mix well with such a story, and his relationship with his wife wouldn't fit what the story says it is.

So, they just had an arranged marriage, a la "Goose Girl" without the added drama, and he just studied magic.  Now all I have to establish is that he wasn't so conceited that he wouldn't have bothered to study it. . . probably it was acquiring them that made him so.

Tags: families: matrimony, world-building: magic (effects), world-building: royalty

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