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Steadfast by Jack Campbell

I think the series is fumbling a bit here because of over extension.  Especially after the dramatic conclusion of the last, for all its drama, this one is a bit episodic.  (I think it picks up a continuing thread toward the end for the next books.)

But we have adventures on Earth, where people try to assassinate or exploit their venture, the discovery of a plot to foment dissension among the armed forces, a mission, nominally to contain a refugee problem, that actually goes much deeper, and finally a discovery of what, exactly, the civilian government is up to.

This includes some fancy footwork with orders, a discussion of the dangers of entirely automated systems, a visit to an orphanage, the Dancers' sending two message "Watch the many stars" and "Watch the different stars," a hot-head who's pleased as punch that he saw something was an attempt to provoke him, a discussion about Geary's grand-nephew, and much more.
Tags: fiction reviews: military, fiction reviews: sf

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