marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

the game of names -- and epithets

So we have the hero.  In his father's absence, he's judging cases, and getting warned that if he continues to administer justice like that, he's going to be known as Ferko the Just.

And developing away his backstory back to his great-great-grandmother.  Princess Rosalie the -- hmm, perhaps the Tender-Hearted or something like that, since she argued with her father about some injustices he perpetrated until she burst into tears at a particularly egregious one.

Hmmm, I think as I look back.  She's objecting to the same sort of things that Ferko overturns.  The difference that the tears made?  That she doesn't have the authority to enforce it?

She may have gotten a different name after the fairy tale, since she marries the man who becomes king, and there's the little matter that she knows more of the law than he does.   Hmmm. . . .
Tags: fictional history, names

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