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Blood Runs in the Family

Blood Runs in the Family by Rich Burlew

The Order of the Stick #5. My how things have changed. In particular, I must warn there are spoilers ahead for the earlier volumes, even though this started a gag-a-day strip.

It opens with landing on the Western Contient to warn Girard Draketooth of the danger to his Gate.  After a few little incidents -- with a reminder that Haley wants this continent because she received a random note for her father telling her he was prisoner there -- they reach the location and start to search, knowing illusions are a peril.

They find something.  Bad news.  Girard, it seems, really hated Soon and assumed he would be there in violation of his oath when they mentioned him.  He left a message telling him it was the wrong location, and that he thinks Soon should have died in their final battle.  And explodes.  They deduce from the evidence that Xykon has the real location -- the liche wizard knows where he is but the heroes don't.

And we have an arc describing Xykon and the rest of Team Evil in the erstwhile Azure City, and what plans are being made.

Haley, Elan, and Vaarsavius are captured by bounty hunters, and the others come after.  This leads, as the title might indicate, to finding long lost relatives.  It also entails a deep political intrigue, some truly nasty spells unleashed on the Azure City resistance, dead bodies, a woman whose baby vanished along with the baby's father, illusions, gladiator games, Belkar meeting up with a dinosaur, the return of the Linear Guild, and much more.
Tags: fiction reviews: high fantasy, fiction reviews: humor, graphic novel/manga

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