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point of view

Problems with recasting fairy tales:  they are almost always told omnisciently.

Unless you can pull that off -- harder in a novel than a tale -- you need to tell it from a point of view that will cover all the info.

I was merrily tripping along on the outline, half way through the re-telling, when I remembered that there are scenes in this tale that are definitely not in the prince's point of view.  "Faithful Johannes" type -- the entire point of the scenes is that the prince thinks that his faithful servant is off his rocker.

The thing is, I of course can't just flip into his point of view there.  I need to make it multi-POV from the beginning.  A building with multiple entrances is structurally very different throughout from one with only one.  Which means I need to manufacture justification for scenes from other points of view.  That invariably expands a story.  Quite a bit, usually.  Subplots and character development.

Hmm. . . I had thrown in something from "Go To I Know Not Where, Bring Back I Know Not What."  Multiple points of view would make it easier to add the developments.

OTOH, perhaps -- perhaps the prince just thinks his servant is off his rocker.  The story goes go on to have the servant explains himself, at the dreadful price of being turned to stone.

Hmmmmmmmm.. . . . .
Tags: orchestrating characters, point of view, story length, story structure, subplots

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