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library love

Still wrestling with a story that has a good chunk of tale before the heroine discovers what really gets the story rolling.  But I have managed to introduce the library.

And an odd little library it is, for one that appears in a fantasy work.  I think readers might like it themselves for pleasure reading.

The only fantasy library I can think of that I would really like to visit is the Beast's in Robin McKinley's Beauty.  Most fantasy libraries are not designed for pleasure reading.  The Unseen University's, of course, is hazardous to your health.  Most others are also heavily concentrated on magic or history -- that is, research materials for the backstory.  Very few seems to have anyone just reading in them.

Unsurprisingly.  What else could they be but local color?  And readers, viewed from the outside, are not very interesting to look at.

Though in this particular case, that it's not a very good library for her research may come up.  And there's going to be another library ahead, one more research worthy.  The question of whether it's as good a source for her idle hours is another question.
Tags: fictional history, setting (scene)

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