marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

settings and politics and Star Wars

The moral schema of Star Wars is simple enough:  Rebellion/Republic good, Empire bad.

There's a certain amount of amusement value, what with the Senate and the other indicators this is like the Roman Republic turning to the Roman Empire, when you consider that Augustus Caesar's seizure of power was for most Romans an improvement.  There had been a lot of violence and trouble with the late republic.

So imagine a youth dreaming of joining the Rebellion, only to discover, slowly, that it's chock-full of those who support the rebellion for the sake of violence and not vice versa, and others who want the freedom to continue oppressing minorities and foreigners as they did in the happy days before the empire came in with all its repressive rules.  Perhaps one of his allies could prove to be an imperial spy, whom he has to, in good conscience, help.

Though, on reflection, one could also play it straight.  The youth dreams of joining the imperial forces and fighting gallantly against its foes, his uncle scuttles the plan because he's needed on the farm, and then a raid from brigands kills both uncle and aunt and frees him to join the fight.
Tags: filing off serial numbers, politics

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